Fluid Vision Technologies

  • Automate Fluid condition readings taken on pre-defined intervals and transmitted automatically to the Shop Floor and Online Portal.
  • Monitor Enable remote access for multiple stakeholders to view fluid condition readings of every tank through our Online Portal
  • Control Economical approach to scale automated fluid monitoring across a manufacturing facility with hassle free installation and service
  • Satisfaction Setting our goals by listening to the customer’s needs.
  • Integrity Working honestly, fairly and with moral guidance.


Fluid Vision Technologies is a wireless sensor technology company automating the traditional fluid monitoring process. Our wireless multi-sensor capability is configurable and battery operated enabling you to streamline and scale across a facility with hassle free installation.

Our customers can customize exactly what fluid parameters they need to monitor for each tank, at what frequency and communicate to key stakeholders.

Benefits of our automated fluid monitoring system:

  • Visible Shop Floor Display - easily view the fluid conditions of every tank from one location
  • Remote Monitoring - access our Online Portal and see the fluid condition data from any tank anywhere, anytime
  • Wireless and Battery Operated - industrial grade wireless performance in a battery powered package, no electrical outlet or Ethernet drop needed
  • Modular - design enables fast and easy installation and service
  • Scalable - with the HUB in place, additional sensor units arrive pre-calibrated and connect automatically
  • Customized Monitoring - Fluid Logic fully configurable sensor unit; Concentration / BRIX, pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, and Fluid Temperature
  • Online Portal - access data logs, trend data and set-up automated email alert notifications


  • "The ability to monitor critical parameters remotely has helped us better maintain the system. We've become proactive and that's saved us money!"

    – Engineering Manager - Manufacturer of machined parts and assemblies to the commercial aerospace industry - California
  • "The Fluid Vision system has enabled us to easily maintain lubricant concentration levels in our bulk tank"

    - Curtis W., Maintenance Supervisor, Manufacturer of Commercial and Military Aircraft - Texas

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